Chairman & Managing Director 



Mr. Rakesh S. Dulgaj, reckoned for handling multi-business, is gifted with vast knowledge, intellect, industry-networking-acumen, creative ideology and charismatic personality. The extraordinary believe ability of     Mr. Dulgaj comes from his being firmly rooted to the Indian culture and its well defined society. Having valuable experiences in multiple businesses like Real Estate, Trading and other multi businesses; he has now setting milestones in the field of Film-making.


Leveraging on his cinema love & film-making passion, this enthusiastic Indian filmmaker is known for his humanistic approach towards filming. He always suggests the context by meaningful details, gradually forming an enveloping aura in the world of cinema. Blessed to be able to enjoy this universality, he truly believes in the magic of hard-work, devotion, and sincerity to any project he undertakes. He completely follows moral principles of life, and defines them as the ultimate foundations of his successful career in every field he is associated with, at present. His disciplinary life and professional acumen comes from authentic local-ism and specifics of his struggling days. 


My Story in my words


While still at school, I became a film fan, regularly watching Bollywood movies in Theatres & reading Hollywood trivia in magazines. Indian classical music was another interest. I would often pick-up gramophone records at local markets in cheap price. I matriculate while spending more and more time and energies in pursuing my best interests- watching films and listening to music. Even though I had no formal training, I always used to plan & dream about becoming a commercial artist. As a student in college, I realized that I had time. I assumed that I was talented enough to actually make some real world contribution and always thought I could deliver excellence if given a chance. I wanted to work on different areas always and see what the ground realities of that stream is, probably a real world assignment rather than just the theories being preached. As I sum up all the experiences of my youth period, I observe that there was always a hunger burning inside me, which used to push me towards creative world of film-making. There was always a potential hidden in me, which was simply waiting to jump out if given a chance. Owing to many big & small life experiences, with passage of time, I realized that chances are never served over dish plates in life. Rather one has to prepare the dish called “Chance” with his own sensibilities & intelligence, in-order to reach out & let all his dreams come true in life. My internal strength and capabilities bonded with the blessings of my parents held me firm throughout. It always influenced me to do something really big in life. I wish to narrate the complete story between the "roll camera", “action” and “cut” of my own life someday so that audience can get to know what it takes and how it takes to be a film-maker. People take film-making line as just another way of making money. By making sensible & intelligent cinema, my ultimate aim is to bring out a strong aversion to the ways and means of how cinema & film-line is perceived by masses.

Film Making


Mr. Rakesh S. Dulgaj is known to the world of cinema for his choice of subjects. He explored and reprojected a range of historical characters and situations, leaving the audiences spellbound. Many of his films have revised the ways Indian cinema is always looked at, by bringing out real concerns of real people to the screen. Be it villagers, intellectuals, rich and famous, great personalities, Mr. Dulgaj himself summed up each character of his films with full justice. For him, film subject is never based on an age-old or conventional formula, rather unique & refresh treatment to each film is all what requires to project the reality. He explored the complex shades of grey instead, gracefully showing a diversity of moods, techniques, and genres in each piece of his work. Purpose With extensive creativity, hands-on film workshops and on-going directing experience, he not just tells stories, but create them as a series of live situations for audience to take away a message with them after every watch. The purpose why he is in this industry to re-create films artfully, cinematically, and originally at the same time. Exclusivity Personified Mr. Dulgaj has full-fledged entered in Film-making Industry & is working on a couple of art & commercial projects. Right from choosing unique subjects, to understanding & dealing with Stories & Scripts with utmost delicacies, casting perfect actor for a character, unmatched Art Direction and perfect Cinematography- everything is handled owing to his great expertise.


His fine venture coming your way...


The forthcoming film based on the father-son conflict between Chatrapati Shivaji and the son of his first queen … Sambhaji, treats an important historical saga with great sensitivity and aesthetic appeal examining the circumstantial facets of the psychological scars of neglect by his illustrious parent, the machinations of his step mother coveting the throne for her progeny, the capture and subsequent torture at the hands of the Mughals, with Sambhaji Raje emerging in the spirit of a true Indian. The story line deliberately veers from being a Maratha centric account and examines its universal appeal so international audiences can connect with the theme. The subject matter of the film and its sensitive treatment has ensured its wide demographic appeal across all age groups. Its social significance has evoked among NGO's groups and activists with investigative concerns.

“Unlike all the other art forms, film is able to seize and render the passage of time, to stop it,

almost to possess it in infinity. I’d say that film is the sculpting of time.”