sambhaji 1689 launch

The Perfect Plus Group is all set for the nationwide Premiere of their upcoming movie, Sambhaji 1689 this year. The Film is widely recognized as a world-class social awakening experience, showcasing the inspiring life of SAMBHAJI MAHARAJ, the brave and historic personality popularly known as son of CHHATARAPATI SHIVAJI. Based on topics of national interest, Sambhaji 1689, unleashing historical insights, is brought on silver screens soon.

On this delightful occasion, the film-makers Launched Promo marketing and popularizing the epic movie, Sambhaji 1689 , amidst the widespread audience of Maharashtra. The event welcomed some of the leading faces of Indian Cinema, who marked their special presence on this pleasant occasion. Popular personalities like Manoj Kumar, Hema Malini, Prahlad Kakkar, and many more made this event even more captivating and wholeheartedly encouraged the filmmakers for bringing such heart-touching movies.

While watching promo- Legend Manoj Kumar said that this film is a milestone which people will remember like Mother India & Mughle Azam. It will create history. Audiences wait for years for films like this. Few people have the courage to depict truth in films. I SALUTE YOU Mr.Rakesh”.

Sambhaji script is written by Mr.Sresh Chikle and directed by Mr. Rakesh S. Dulgaj, Sambhaji 1689, is a story based on the father-son conflict between “Chhatrapati Shivaji” and the son of his first queen “SAMBHAJI”. It is an effort to take audiences to an insightful understanding of the long-term effects of this relationship, under the banner of Perfect Plus Entertainment.


The film is an authentic voice which speaks to real people, not faceless masses for effectively reaching them to re-arouse the feeling true patriotism, revising the inspiring values sowed by greatest ever Sambhaji Maharaj.