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Perfect Plus Group

About Us

Perfect Plus Group is a dynamic and innovative Film Production house and Film Distribution company. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality film production and distribution services to our clients. Our team is made up of talented and passionate professionals who are committed to providing exceptional service and producing outstanding results. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life on the big screen.​



rakesh s dulgaj

Mr. Rakesh S. Dulgaj (Producer & Dir.), reckoned for handling multi-business, is gifted with vast knowledge, intellect, industry networking acumen, creative ideology, and charismatic personality. The extraordinary believe-ability of Mr. Dulgaj comes from his being firmly rooted in the Indian culture and its well-defined society. Having valuable experiences in multiple businesses, he has now set milestones in the field of Film-making & Film distribution.


​Leveraging his cinema love & film-making passion, this enthusiastic Indian filmmaker is known for his humanistic approach to filming. He always suggests the context by meaningful details, gradually forming an enveloping aura in the world of cinema. Blessed to be able to enjoy this universality, he truly believes in the magic of hard work, devotion, and sincerity to any project he undertakes.

He completely follows the moral principles of life and defines them as the ultimate foundations of his successful career in every field he is associated with, at present. His disciplinary life and professional acumen come from authentic localism and the specifics of his struggling days.  


The purpose why he is in this industry is to re-create films artfully, cinematically, and originally at the same time. Exclusivity Personified Mr. Dulgaj has full-fledged entered in Film-making Industry & is working on a couple of art & commercial projects. Right from choosing unique subjects, to understanding & dealing with Stories & Scripts with utmost delicacies, casting the perfect actor for a character, unmatched Art Direction, and perfect Cinematography- everything is handled owing to his great expertise.

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