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Chhatrapati Sambhaji

Film Releasing Date Announcement At Vadhu Budruk, Pune

Rakesh S. Dulgaj - Directorial Debut with Tribute to Sambhaji Maharaj

Rakesh S. Dulgaj, a distinguished figure in various industries, is set to make his directorial debut with a poignant tribute to Sambhaji Maharaj. Renowned for his multifaceted career and creative ventures, Mr. Dulgaj's entry into film direction reflects a deep commitment to historical narratives.

Choosing Sambhaji Maharaj's story as the focal point of his debut showcases Mr. Dulgaj's dedication to exploring culturally significant and compelling subjects. Known for his unique storytelling, he embarks on a cinematic journey that not only entertains but educates, promising an insightful portrayal of the intricate father-son conflict between Chatrapati Shivaji and Sambhaji.

As a visionary director, Mr. Dulgaj's meticulous approach to storytelling goes beyond the ordinary, aiming to present a nuanced perspective on historical events. The industry eagerly awaits the unveiling of this cinematic masterpiece, anticipating a thought-provoking exploration of history through the lens of a director poised to make an indelible mark.

Here's to Rakesh S. Dulgaj's directorial debut—a tribute to Sambhaji Maharaj and a promising addition to the world of cinema.

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